Founder and Speaker

Jaymee Stocks

Founder and Speaker, The National Association for Plagiocephaly™


I am a Mom on a Mission!

My name is Jaymee Stocks, and I am a mom on a mission!  During a routine check-up at our pediatrician’s office, I was introduced to an unfamiliar and seemingly overwhelming word. Plagiocephaly. My son Nicholas was four months old when diagnosed with this condition, which is also known as “Flat Head Syndrome”.

In addition to the panic that was racing through me, I was told that in order to treat this condition, something called “helmet therapy” would be necessary. I was shocked and very concerned at how this was going to affect my son, as well as my entire family. Since I had never heard of Plagiocephaly before, nor did I know where to go to learn about it, I began doing countless hours of research to learn more about this condition. Plagiocephaly is a condition where a baby’s head is misshapen or has a flat spot in one or more areas of the head. Aside from a clinical definition, I did not find an overwhelming amount of information or support groups available for a worried and nervous mom, like me. This sparked a desire in me to create a National Organization where parents could go to get all of the information and support they would need to help them along their journey.

In order to make The Halo Project a success, we are counting on volunteers and donors from incredible supporters like you!  Donations can be made through, and be designated for The Halo Project. All of your donations are tax deductible through our 501c3 public charity. We greatly appreciate your support on this journey to give every child the chance to be well rounded!