About The Halo Project

About The Halo Project


Our Founder, throughout her own journey with her son’s plagiocephaly, was shocked at the high cost of cranial orthotic devices – and further shocked to learn that many insurance companies deem the helmets “cosmetic” and do not provide coverage for these necessary treatments. Not only that, she found no organization or source that provided assistance to families financially unable to get their children the treatment they so desperately needed.

Hence, The Halo Project was born.

The Halo Project provides scholarships to deserving families who need financial support to get their children treatment for plagiocephaly.

In order to make The Halo Project a success, we are counting on volunteers and donors from incredible supporters like you!  Donations can be made through HillofHope.net, and be designated for The Halo Project.

All of your donations are tax deductible through our 501c3 public charity. We greatly appreciate your support on this journey to give every child the chance to be well rounded!