About The Association

About The National Association for Plagiocephalyâ„¢

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to raise awareness and educate parents and the general public about a common, treatable condition known as Plagiocephaly.

The Halo Project is dedicated to providing education, raising awareness, and offering emotional and financial support to parents and families of infants affected by plagiocephaly, by building relationships with community and business leaders nationally and internationally.

How to Get Involved:

We are currently in need of Volunteers to help us get started. Please consider joining us on this amazing journey. Be a part of a life-changing organization, where we believe that every child deserves to be well rounded.

Here is our current list of needs:

  • Social Media Specialist (Oversee and implement all social media activities, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, etc.)
  • Research Specialist (Plan, develop, and conduct scientific research to be used as educational tools on our website for public reference.)
  • Medical Insurance Specialist (Conduct inquiries to discover which insurance companies will cover helmet therapy, and what the requirements are.)
  • Grant Writer (Complete the application process for funding provided by an institution. Will be expected to write grant proposals and submissions.)
  • Support Group Specialist (Create, manage, and coordinate parental support groups.)
  • Marketing Specialist (Create organizational promotions, design literature/advertisements, and promote our brand.)
  • Capital Campaign Chairman (Responsibilities include creating and managing fundraising events, managing volunteers, organizing events, and developing donors.)

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering your time for this worthy cause. (Resume and letter of recommendation will be requested.) We are so grateful for your help!