Every parent of a child with plagiocephaly has a story to share and you probably do too. If you are in need of some encouragement and support, read other parents’ stories about their journey with plagiocephaly. We also invite you to share your own story so others can benefit from it.

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Finding out your child has plagiocephaly is an overwhelming, worrisome time for a parent. The good news is, plagiocephaly is a common, highly treatable disorder. Here you’ll find the most accurate information all in one place, so you can learn everything you need to know!

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This is a difficult time for parents. You are probably feeling sad, confused, worried, maybe even guilty or angry that this happened to your precious child. Connect with other loving parents who are going through the same thoughts and feelings, and receive support along your journey.

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The Halo Project

The Halo Project is dedicated to providing education, raising awareness, and offering emotional and financial support to parents and families of infants affected by plagiocephaly, by building relationships with community and business leaders nationally and internationally.

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“When I was told that my son would have to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day…needless to say, I was overwhelmed. My initial thought was, What are people going to think? An honest confession…I was thinking that I wouldn’t even take him out of the house for the 3 months or so that he would have to wear this dreadful helmet.”




About Jaymee

My name is Jaymee Stocks, and I am a Mom on a Mission!

I was shocked and horrified when my precious baby boy was diagnosed with plagiocephaly. I was even more shocked to find so little information about it online, and further shocked to find that the cost of the helmet he so desperately needed was so expensive! I became determined to help other parents of “plagiobabies” have the education, information, support, and financial assistance they needed – all in one place and right at their fingertips.

It is my sincere hope that you find this website helpful and that you and your child soar through the plagiocephaly process with confidence, knowing everything will be okay! Read more about my story here.